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You control your life with the way that you think

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Military Then Code
July 24th 2021
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We all have had times where it seemed like we couldn’t stop thinking about all the negative things in our life and the more you think about them the more negative things show up or the current ones get worse.  

It took me a while to realize that I truly was in control of my destiny and I could do anything I wanted on this earth but I haven’t looked back since. I hate to say it but they military trains you to have one centralized thought process and that is on whatever the mission might be but in the civilian world you have to think about every little thing that the military shields you from, mainly housing and food allowances. For the majority of my career I lived in base housing and had all of my BAH taken without worry that I have to pay my rent or utilities. I wish it were that easy on the civilian side, but they do things a lot different.  This may not seem like a huge factor while you are still in but I assure you taking the small things into account will save you from trail and error.

Your mind needs to constantly have goals and continue to set new ones so you can have something to work towards in the civilian work because any boss would love to drain every once of energy out of you to make sure their company’s bottom line is good. This is why you have to make it a priority to clear your mind off all distractions and focus on the future you want outside of the military. Never beat yourself up about the things you don’t have or all the things you will miss about the military. You will make better memories that will have a more positive effect on your body than the military. I said all of this to say THE POWER OF LIFE IS IN YOUR MIND, SO GO CREATE YOUR BEST VERSION OF IT