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We Need Coding in Schools NOW!!

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Military Then Code
August 13th 2021
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We are living in a new era. Some refer to it as the technological age. Everything is being done online nowadays. School is online, social life is online, and work is online. The new generation must be taught skills that can help them in this technological era—one of those skills is coding.

Principles of Coding

Coding is making a set of instructions for a computer system or device through programming languages. This new generation of children has many problems that they find difficult to solve, which is why this skill is essential for them to learn. It teaches the art of problem solving, discipline and patience. Coding also comprises principles. These principles involve putting small pieces together and creating a complete product. With these principles in place, it will help children to obtain a sense of responsibility.

The Future Is Now

We can all agree that technology is the future—children live what they learn. Imagine if children are taught to build programs at an early age. They would be geared towards taking over the world, one step at a time. The apps we use on our phones, computer games and software are all created through coding.

Children must be able to solve problems, think for themselves and gain a sense of responsibility; the best way for this to happen is to learn how to code. We need to ensure that this skill is taught in schools or even in households.