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The BIGGEST leap of your life is also the Scariest

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June 6th 2021
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Scared of the unknown?

In 2020 I separated from the U.S. Navy after 5yrs and I was scared to death with no plan but little did I know what was to come. I set out to find a banking job because of my studies in accounting and business but the cards did not play into my hands with COVID hitting the country out of nowhere. After being jobless for 3 months, I finally landed an ER registration job and finally was getting into a rhythm adjusting to the civilian world.

The craziest thing about the military separation process is that when you are going through it, you think that it is all you need to find a job when you get out but that is simply just not true. However, many people do land job as soon as they separate but most people do not and end up enrolling in school with their GI bill.

The Post 9/11 GI bill is a god send for us veterans and I would always recommend using it if you have no other option. The key to finding the right job is knowing exactly what career you want to pursue. This is a huge factor in your post separation because it helps you set an exact path to strive for, opposed to going with the flow of society(which is very unstable).