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I wish I heard this before getting out of the military!

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August 20th 2021
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Military veterans, yes, this is for you. Feeling the urge to quit the service and move on to a life of being a civilian can be very overwhelming. To safely transition, there are two traits that you need - consistency and humility.

The Importance of Consistency

Your life in the military comprises of discipline and adhering to a specific set of policies and procedures that are different from the life of a civilian. In the military, certain things are planned for you and are accessible when you are ready. As you transition to civilian life, you must be develop the mindset that in order for you to have what you want, you have to consistently go for it.

Humility is Critical

Humility may seem like a small word, but you must be humble when choosing to become a civilian since it is like starting your life anew. Life will be more complicated since the military will no longer pay for your life unless you decide to retire. If you are opting to leave, then you have to be prepared to work for your bread. That is why you must accomplish as many goals as possible during your life in the military. Ensure that all the goals you could not achieve as a civilian, you took the opportunity of being in the military to achieve them.

Mental health is also imperative. A complete military mindset is not going to work in a civilian lifestyle. You must learn to adapt and adhere to the changes around you. By being consistent and humble, you will be able to work and manifest your goals.